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Last friday Maurice Mentjens received two German Design Awards.

An AWARD for the interior design of House of Smart as well as a GOLD AWARD, the highest possible level, for the design of 'Kiki's Stocksale' in Maastricht.

Along with shop owner Kiki Niesten, Mentjens received this prestigious award during the official award ceremony in Frankfurt.

Kiki’s Stocksale - House of Smart

From the more than 4,000 entries in various different categories, Maurice Mentjens was selected to receive an award for his interior design for 'House of Smart' in Eindhoven as well as a GOLD AWARD, the highest possible level, for the design of 'Kiki's Stocksale' in Maastricht.

The jury, composed of 44 leading figures from the international design world, praised Mentjens’ work particularly for its clever use of space and the way in which interior design, product presentation, and brand image blend together.

The awards will be presented in Frankfurt on 10 February 2017.

Maurice Mentjens received the 'Herengracht Industrie Prijs' for the House of Smart interior project. The bi-annual award program recognises outstanding achievements by Dutch interior designers. The winner is chosen by a jury of leading professionals; architect Prof. Cees Dam, curator & writer Anne van der Zwaag, artist Joep van Lieshout, chief editor of PI Magazine Rutger van Oldenbeek and head of The Association of Dutch Designers Madeleine van Lennep.

The jury chose the entry House of Smart because of its obstinacy, courage and beauty. "An absolute adventure ," said jury chairman Professor Cees Dam.

The award ceremony was held at the Lensvelt Hub at Herengracht 178. The Herengracht Industrie Prijs is sponsored by Normann Copenhagen, Bolidt, DLine, Desso, FritsJurgens, Gira, Kvadrat, Lensvelt, Modular, Mosa, Not OnlyWhite, Qbic and Vola.

House of Smart has been nominated for the Herengracht Industry Award.

The jury consisting of Prof. Cees Dam (chairman), Joep van Lieshout, Anne van der Zwaag, Rutger van Oldenbeek and Madeleine van Lennep selected five nominees from over more than 200 submissions:

IC department, Bravis hospital, Roosendaal MAS architectuur, Daan ter Avest en Joost Berger i.s.m. Lies Willers

House of Smart, Eindhoven Maurice Mentjens

National Military Museum, Soest Kossmann.deJong, Mark de Jong

Theatre de Kampanje, Den Helder Van Dongen Koschuch architects and planners, Patrick Koschuch

The Roast Room, Amsterdam Studio Modijefsky, Esther Stam & Studio Molen, Frederik Molenschot

The prize will be awarded at the Herengracht in Amsterdam on Thursday, June 16.

Kiki's Stocksale no.4 en House of Smart no.12 in Frame’s Retail Top 15!

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In 2006, Maurice Mentjens added warm wood to the interior of this sixteenth-century building located in the famous Stokstraat in the city centre, which was then known as Kiki2. In 2016, it's time for an update. Kiki had a minimalistic interior in mind that could be completed relatively quickly. Her goal was to create a light, open, and clearly-organized presentation space.

View the project

The new interior of House of Smart is part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It hosts a selection of new glass lights designed and manufactured by Arnout Visser.

The Cool Hunter
De Architect

Since the renovations at the Rijksmuseum were completed the architect/designer, Pierre Cuypers, has once again become a topic of interest in the public imagination. The Cuypershuis in Roermond is a museum dedicated to displaying his life and his works. To enhance the recognizability of the museum, the management went in search of a clear marker. Designer Maurice Mentjens developed a stylized compass as the symbol for the architectural profession.

The object was placed next to the museum in July 2015, within sight of the city centre of Roermond.

Maurice Mentjens redesigned the museum shop for the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. Employees in ticket sales, art loan, and the museum shop now work together at a spacious, white, circular counter. Books and items from the shop can be displayed in an 8-metre-high cabinet consisting of four 'beams' that are attached to the existing wall with floating mounting brackets. These beams feature an ingenious internal mechanism that causes the books to automatically tilt backwards when positioned towards the front of the cabinet, and stand up straight when positioned normally in the racks.

The art library can store and display its pieces in a large cabinet with sliding panels.

Ten years after opening Restaurant Witloof in Maastricht, the owners felt it was time for a new, creative take on the original Witloof formula.

Maurice Mentjens was approached to incorporate the new ideas into the existing design.

The restaurant now boasts a contemporary interior. In addition to a chip shop and a jenever bar, the restaurant now features a beer cellar for beer aficionados and a spectacular entrance that provides additional seating space when not in use.

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