Maurice Mentjens

Maurice Mentjens

sittard, may 15th 1964


17: iconic award, kiki’s stocksale, maastricht

17: az awards, people’s choice award, house of smart, eindhoven

17: german design award, gold award, kiki’s stocksale, maastricht

17: german design award, house of smart, eindhoven

16: herengracht industrie prize, house of smart, eindhoven

07: design award of the federal republic of germany 2007, handbagshop stash, maastricht

07: dutch design award, meeting and reception room at the DSM headquarters, heerlen

06: dutch design award, restaurant witloof, maastricht

05: dutch design award, handbagshop stash, maastricht

89: second prize design plus design contest, international fair frankfurt, wristwatch ‘saturn’

88: second prize hema designcontest, multifunctional hobby and working light‚ ‘le spiral’

Nominations / Citations

11: citation, ait international shop application award germany, kymyka shoes and bags maastricht

10: citation, best office award germany, post panic office interior

10: citation, the d&ad awards, labels fashion store and post panic office interior

09: nomination, great indoors award 2009: design firm of the year

09: nomination, dutch design awards, kymyka shoes and bags maastricht

09: citation, contractworld award, meeting and reception room DSM headquarter

09: nomination, venuez hospitality and style award, theatrecafé de nwe vorst

09: nomination, design award of the federal republic of germany 2009, DSM headquarter

08: nomination, design award of the federal republic of germany 2008, restaurant witloof

07: nomination, great indoors award 2007, design firm of the year, nominees: maurice mentjens holtum, neri and hu shanghai, concrete architectural associates amsterdam, winner: wonderwall inc. tokyo

07: nomination, venuez hospitality and style award, restaurant witloof

05: nomination, venuez hospitality and style award, restaurant thaiphoon

03: nomination, harrie tillie prize, stedelijk museum roermond, iris eichenberg, hella jongerius, maurice mentjens, jan merx, job smeets, helmut smits, baukje trenning, winner: ted noten


04.05: basisstipendium, foundation fund for visual arts, design and architecture

90: startstipendium, foundation fund for visual arts, design and architecture


17: house of smart, ’s-hertogenbosch, shop interior

17: limburg design award / harrie tillie prize, cuypershuis roermond, exhibition design

17: cube design museum, kerkrade, exhibition design

16: royal queen seeds, amsterdam haarlemmerstraat, shop interior

16: gallery lilly zeligman, oisterwijk, gallery interior

16: royal queen seeds, amsterdam damstraat, shop interior

16: greenland, portugal, shop-in-shop

16: bonnefantenmuseum, maastricht, shop and art library

16: royal queen seeds, barcelona, shop interior

16: kiki’s stocksale, maastricht, shop interior

15: harrie tillie prize, roermond, exhibition design

15: house of smart, eindhoven, shop interior

15: greenland, asia, retail concept and flagship store

15: cuypershuis, roermond, eye-catcher next to the entrance

15: greenland, spain, shop in shop

15: greenland, spain, display designs

14: skunk relax, sittard, shop interior

14: biblionova, sittard, geleen, born and echt, interior library

14: born05, utrecht, office interior

14: arnout visser exhibition, droog design gallery amsterdam, exhibition design

13: i2 fashion, frankfurt am main, fashion store

13: arnout visser exhibition, museum of modern art arnhem, exhibition design

13: witloof, maastricht, redesign restaurant

13: kiki niesten, t-shirt design

12: schunck glaspaleis, heerlen, interior entrance-hall

12: mesterom family, residential project

12: euregionaal historisch archief, sittard, office interior

12: government of the province of limburg, ‘loftrompet’ award-design

11: buro pinkpop, interior / exhibition

11: schiphol airport, amsterdam, airport park

11: government of the province of limburg, portrait-wall governors

10: historiehuis, roermond, permanent exhibition

10: bibliorura, roermond, interior library

10: vaeshartelt castle, maastricht, bridal suite

10: witloof, maastricht, redesign basement

09.10.11: tefaf, maastricht, exhibition stand chapeau and the province of limburg

09: frans hals museum, haarlem, museumcafé

09: post panic, amsterdam, office interior

09: vaeshartelt castle, maastricht, meetingroom

09: ami-e-toi, arnhem, clothing store for mode met een missie

09: kymyka shoes and bags, maastricht, shop interior

09: rent-a-rolla, maastricht/heerlen/sittard/kerkrade, office interiors

08: labels, sittard, fashion store

08: chain of office for the municipality of sittard-geleen

08: filmhuis, sittard, interior foyer en café

08: solland solar, münchen valencia, exhibition stand

08: wellcoll, sittard/maastricht, office interior

08: solland solar, heerlen/aken, entrance head office and factory

07: 360 lease, beek, maastricht-aachen airport, interior head office

07: 22+2, multifunctional child furniture, initiation ann maes richard hutten

07: nwe vorst, tilburg, theatrecafé and restaurant

07: dsm, heerlen, meeting- and reception room for dsm headquarters

07: sirius sounds, prague (czech republic), interior record shop

07: solland solar, shanghai (people's republic of china), exhibition stand

06: kiki 2, maastricht, shop interior kiki niesten

06: thaiphoon, roermond, extension of restaurant

06: solland solar, heerlen/aachen, exhibition stand

06: province of limburg, installation for exhibition, in cooperation with bram boo

Projects - continued

05: museum het domein, sittard, museumshop interior

05: ipanema terrace , maastricht, café bonnefantenmuseum

05: prince bernhard culturalfund, design for the prize of the anjer lottery : anjerschaal

05: witloof, maastricht, interior restaurant

05: b2b studio for graphic design, maastricht, office interior

04: ipanema, maastricht, interior museumcafé bonnefantenmuseum

04: stash, maastricht, interior bagstore

04: thaiphoon, roermond, interior bar/restaurant/club

04: hogeschool zuyd, design readersinsignia

03: bmcs, paris, france,interior design showroom, not executed yet

02: count it, exhibition stand for cash-desk system based on apple imac

00: dirks interieurbouw, valkenburg aan de geul, office interior

00: bonnefantenmuseum, maastricht, interior design museum shop

00: bonnefantenmuseum, interior design art library sittard/weert/maastricht

00: charm, bonnefantenmuseum maastricht, exhibition (in co-oporation with c. nahar & m. van leendert)

99: on taste, bonnefantenmuseum maastricht, concept and interior design, taste and scentlaboratories

98: gynaecologist practice, aachen (germany)

96.98.02: bizzare fashion, maastricht, shop interiors

95.01: sirius smart galleries, shop interiors maastricht (95-97-01), roermond (96), eindhoven (96)

94.00: visiting teacher academy of visual arts of maastricht (ABKM)

92: gallina holland: tables

91: academy of visual arts of maastricht (ABKM): cloth stands department of fashion design

91: aston martin, uk: office accessories

91: ventura, switzerland: wristwatches

91: luxo, italy: lights

90: milus, switzerland: production wristwatch saturn

90.-: various private interiors, furniture and lighting projects


13: galerie wanda reiff, maastricht, group exhibition

12: salon sittard, museum het domein sittard, group exhibition: design from limburg

12: secret postcards, jan van eyck maastricht, group exhibition

12: dispositie, galerie dis maastricht, group exhibition

11: thixotropic, sabic sittard, group exhibition

11: yksi & friends, dutch design week eindhoven, group exhibition

10: expo yksi, dutch design week eindhoven, solo exhibition

09: maurice mentjens | objects and spaces, centre céramique maastricht, solo exhibition

07: gallery editions, glow, maastricht

07: mixed design nl b d, mecc maastricht

07: 22+2, dordrecht and eindhoven

06: couleur, design 2006/biennale de liège, liège (b)

06: tripolis exhibition, gouvernement, maastricht

05: gallery mk, solo exhibition, geleen

05: mmv, terpkerk, solo exhibition, urmond

04: dsm headoffice, solo exhibition, sittard

04: mooi, stedelijk museum roermond

03: gallery mk, maurice mentjens, borek sipek, arnout visser, geleen

03: this side up, woonmecca, mecc maastricht

03: vorm 03, province of limburg, maastricht, roermond, venlo

03: harrie tillieprijs, stedelijk museum roermond

02: furniture, lighting, interiors and objects, solo exhibition, gronsveld (maastricht)

02: 7*7, ves (free designers org.), knsm-eiland, amsterdam

01: vizit, viz, dominicanenkerk, maastricht

01: arte rana, augustinenkerk, maastricht

00.01: charm (ves), bonnefantenmuseum, maastricht

00: ves expo de zaaier, amsterdam

99.00: on taste, bonnefantenmuseum, maastricht

99: sel exhibition gouvernement, maastricht

98: expo workshop, paris (france)

97: portfolio III , stedelijk museum roermond

95: gallery yksi, eindhoven

94.95: stroomgebied, stedelijk museum roermond

90: pand 102, the hague

89.90: gallery michel knops, sittard

88.91: stedelijk museum, amsterdam

88: gallery marzee, nijmegen

87: schmuckmuseum pforzheim (germany)


90: domus academy milan, summersession

88.90: departement of interior and product design of the academy of visual arts of maastricht

88: design academy, eindhoven, 4th year

83.88: department of jewellery and product design of the academy of visual arts of maastricht (ABKM), graduated with distinction

Maurice Mentjens
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Maurice Mentjens