Maurice Mentjens

Photography: M. Mentjens

BIPOOL is the name of a design event held in the Euregion every two years, an initiative supported by the provincial governments of Dutch and Belgian Limburg. The set-up of the event has been designed by guest curators and institutions, supervised by the project initiators NAI Maastricht, Z33 Hasselt and the museum Het Domein in Sittard. BIPOOL also features designers just starting out on their professional careers. You will meet young students approaching the completion of their studies and recent graduates in design, art and architecture from the Euregion. BIPOOL and the Biennale du design de Liège want to increase the profile of regional (Euregional) talent and make connections between the creativity found in the higher education programmes in art and design in Liège, Aachen, Heerlen, Hasselt, Genk, Sittard and Maastricht.

The installation

The table is a design by Maurice Mentjens (NL) and Bram Boo (Be). Artistic coordination: Jan Boelen Z33 and design platform Limburg (Be).

A table is the meeting place par excellence, and thus also the perfect meeting place for the provincial governments of the two Limburgs and other partners from the Euregion. A table is a place where people talk, eat, drink and laugh.

Children see a table as a house in which to play. “Big kids” like Bram Boo and Maurice Mentjens see it as a place in which, on which and around which to exhibit. This design becomes the playground of the various designers from the two provinces of Limburg. The featured designers have been selected according to the same criteria: imagination, surrealism, dreams, stories, … these all form starting points for their work.

Like Bram and Maurice, with their table design, they give a certain twist to an existing object or a familiar shape. Two worlds meet: the real world and the world of dreams, Belgium and the Netherlands, Bram and Maurice, applied arts and free arts, unique items and duplicates, industry and traditional craftsmanship, old and new …

Designers presented in the installation:

Studio Job, Kiki van Eijck, Piet Stockmans, Casimir & Vlaemsch, Roel Vandebeek, Patrick Reuvis a.o

Maurice Mentjens
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Maurice Mentjens