Maurice Mentjens

Photography: B. Janssen

Bizzare is a party clothing shop. The owner is a renowned DJ from the house music scene, and many well-known bands and house music acts from the Netherlands and Belgium buy their outfits at Bizzare.

The front of the building (the shop window) is situated on the shaded side of the street and is therefore always dark. At the back of the store is a glass roof, through which a lot of light falls. This current situation is emphasised by the fact that the decor of the first room is completely black and the room at the back is completely white. The colour scheme of the zone in between gradually changes from dark grey to light grey. The walls and ceiling are covered with paper in different sizes and different qualities. The paper ranges in colour from black to grey to white in the room at the back. The white room contains a white sun tower with a crown of neon lights, where a DJ spins discs as an illuminated central feature. At the front of the night room is a counter in the form of a black moon, a black mirror with a jewellery display and a black rack.

The counter is made of black steel and the racks are made of wood and stainless steel. The DJ tower at the back of the shop is made of white powder coated steel and neon lights. The colour of the room gradually merges from dark grey to light grey and lastly to white in the sun room.

Maurice Mentjens
Martinusstraat 20

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Maurice Mentjens