Maurice Mentjens

Photography: B. Janssen

The large conference table is made entirely of stainless steel.

The idea was to cleave the conference table into the floor like an axe. The table would have been 'stuck' into the concrete floor in a milled groove. Now, however, the table slides on a special floor construction.

Since Dirks is an interior construction company, the original intention was to make every cupboard with a different type of wood, laminate, varnish or coating: the wall unit could be seen as one big sample sheet. The wall unit is now used for the storage of documentation material and samples, and was ultimately constructed from maple veneer. The wall unit is 14 metres long and runs on through to the neighbouring room as the front desk of the secretariat, consisting there of two block layers instead of five. A glass wall cuts through the wall unit and forms the partition between the entrance hall and the conference room. Behind the glass wall, in the conference room, is an office unit for the use of the management.

Maurice Mentjens
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Maurice Mentjens