Maurice Mentjens

Photography: A. Schmitz

To the point

White, open, and transparent, with a cheerful polka-dot pattern. Maurice Mentjens added a new twist to Kiki's Stocksale. Long lines, mirrors, and indirect light help make the most of the space.

Kiki's Stocksale carries last season's designer fashions from fashion boutique Kiki Niesten Maastricht, an icon in the field of avant-garde clothing from premium brands like Prada, Celine, Marni, Dries van Noten, and The Row.

Open & organized

Kiki’s Stocksale has branches in Maastricht and Amsterdam. Like the prime store, the Maastricht branch is located in the famous Stokstraat in the city centre. In 2006, Maurice Mentjens added warm wood to the interior of this sixteenth-century building, which was then known as Kiki2.

In 2016, it's time for an update. Kiki had a minimalistic interior in mind that could be completed relatively quickly. Her goal was to create a light, open, and clearly-organized presentation space.

Clean lines

Maurice Mentjens stripped the narrow, high-ceilinged shop down to its essence: an empty white space with recessed architectural elements in the form of stairs and support columns. The design of the counters, shelves, and lighting gives the shop has clean and elegant lines.

The clothing racks and glass shelves feature black scaffolding tubes that accentuate the height of the ceilings. Vertically-mounted industrial LED lights cast an indirect light on both walls and visually broaden the room. The sales counter and display tables are made from black steel profiles and extra-clear glass. Together with the overhead light fixtures, they form a continuous line that guides visitors through the shop.

Confetti dots

The transparency of the design accentuates the linoleum floor with its colourful polka dots. A dot has been the brand's logo from the very start, with the different colours referring to the different price categories. These dots transition into neutral white walls with steel discs that can be used to display clothing, bags, and shoes using magnets. In a sense, the entire wall surface was transformed into a display case. The pattern is mirrored in the hidden door panels with dot-and-dash handles.

Mirrored panels

The end result is a lucid interior contrasted by the graphic lines of the racks and display cases. Everything is extremely simple and functional, yet with exquisite detailing. Mirrored panels on the protruding sides of the fitting rooms at the back of the shop on the left and right appear to extend the clothing racks to infinity. What was once considered the room's disadvantage – its long and narrow shape – was transformed into its advantage. Visitors are treated to endless shopping pleasure thanks to the reflections of the fun confetti dots. Everything in this shop is 'to the point' and 'on the dot'.

Kiki Niesten Maastricht's collection consists of the following brands: Prada / Lanvin / Céline / Chloé / Alaïa / Balenciaga / Jil Sander / Orson + Bodil / Dries van Noten / Dolce & Gabbana / Marni / Drome / Donna Karan / Brunello Cucinelli / BLCK / Aspesi / Valentino / The Row / Hogan / Tod’s / K IK I

Maurice Mentjens
Martinusstraat 20

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Provincie Limburg
design & development: Atelier Fabien

Maurice Mentjens