Maurice Mentjens

Photography: P. Kessels

Thaiphoon – a restaurant specialising in Thai cuisine and world food – opened its doors in 2004. The interior was designed by Maurice Mentjens. The formula was recently modified. Chef Mischa Trommelen is switching the focus to French cuisine, serving dishes of the highest quality.

This change also required the modification of both the interior and the infrastructure of the restaurant. The restaurant is complemented by parking facilities and a lounge/entrance hall.

Those driving into the car park for the first time may well think they have driven into a museum. You can park your car in front of still life paintings of 17th century Dutch masters in golden frames. The walls and ceiling are a gorgeous red colour and the ground is covered with black tiles. All the painting are still life paintings depicting game, fowl and other types of food, depictions of a 17th century fish stall at the market, or the interior of a kitchen from the same period. They are reproductions of paintings from the collections housed in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht and the Rijksmuseum (national museum) in Amsterdam. They include works by Frans Snijders, Joachim Beuckelaer and Pieter Aertsen and a number of beautiful still life paintings from Noortman Master Paintings (Maastricht) by Willem Kalf, Willem Claesz Heda and Jan Janszoon de Heem, amongst others.

From the car park, the entrance to the restaurant itself is marked with a large gold-lit fork cut out of the black door. Behind this door is an entrance tunnel, the inside of which is completely covered with yellow glass mosaic glued onto glass. This yellow glass mosaic is lit up from behind. You therefore find yourself walking through a golden tunnel, bathing in the glow. This golden light can also been seen through the large fork shape cut out of the door.

The entrance tunnel leads you to the lounge/reception area. This used to be the inner courtyard of the restaurant. As a reminder of this, all the walls on one side are covered with green glass mosaic, incorporating the illuminated shadow of a branch of the tree that once stood here. The other walls are covered with grey-green stained strips of cross-cut MDF, chipboard and OSB.

Maurice Mentjens
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Maurice Mentjens